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"Knit Watch" - On a roll with our newest design...

2 comments — posted 2012 Mar by Knitting Central Blog


2 days of rain in a my mind, that only means one thing- knitting time! On a roll with our new "Woven Vest" pattern. Like "Karina's Vest", you can layer it and wear it as an outer piece or with a shirt or T, a regular vest. There will be big pockets to add to the wearability. WIll let you know when it's done. 

"Knit Watch" - Waking up to Fair Isle and Leopard

1 comments — posted 2012 Feb by Knitting Central Blog


There's nothing like waking up to Fair Isle  


Leopard!! My two favorite things. Thank you Ralph Lauren :)

Ohhh-this isn't Ralph's... This is Knitting Central's. Our "Denver Hiking Hat" sharing our love of fair isle.

"Knit Watch" - Best day...

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Best day- I finished my errands early and was determined to give myself an afternoon of knitting and cooking. Had a nice visit with Chloe. Then worked on the front of my "Woven Vest" pattern (the back is done) while making a pot of Mushroom Soup.

I used about 8 different kids of mushrooms. They were so pretty, mixed in with the colors of the other vegetables. I wish I was an artist and could paint what I saw. It's funny how something so simple could offer such inspiration.

Mushroom Soup with wild rice, pearl barley and lots of veggies- the final product. Hope you enjoyed your day...

"Knit Watch" - Great new design- the "Racer Back Top"

1 comments — posted 2012 Feb by Knitting Central Blog


My good friend and knitting buddy, Lisa Hoffman has done it again!! Check out this gorgeous "Racer Back Top" which will be in the Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2012. On stands soon. Brava Lisa

"Knit Watch" - "Karina's Vest" - our #1 hit at VK Live

1 comments — posted 2012 Feb by Knitting Central Blog


The weather was finally nice enough to photograph our top selling design at VK LIVE. We introduce to you "Karina's Vest" worn by the woman that inspired it, Karina. 

The vest was designed to be worn as an outer piece, with a number of layers underneath OR as a regular vest in the spring/fall weather (as shown). 

You know our philosophy is versatility when it comes to our designs. This piece was tried on by "so" many women at the show and it looked great on everyone. Depending on your "bust" size, you can move the button easily to adjust for that. It can be quite "forgiving" because of the way the panels lay. For those that have a bit of a "tummy", you can wear an over shirt and that will drape perfectly with the vest. For those on the thinner side, see how beautiful it looks on Karina.

The neck is lined with interfacing which gives it structure and allows the collar to stand up and away from the body a bit to give it not only an architectural dimension, but to appropriately balance the rest of the piece.

We chose Artyarn's, Ultramerino 8. It is 100% hand-dyed wool that is perfect for this stitch pattern and has a wonderful hand to it. We are offering it in six colors. Each one is neutral and will match anything you wear. (if you prefer another color, feel free to choose from any of out Artyarn's offering and we can have this yarn dyed in that color for you)

We hope you enjoy wearing "Karina's Vest" as much as we enjoyed designing it for you. 

"Knit Watch" - The "Snowy Day" hat looks great with so many fibers

3 comments — posted 2012 Feb by Knitting Central Blog


The "Snowy Day" hat has now been knit in Lobster Pot worsted weight, Imperial Ranch's Columbia yarn, Fibre Co's Road to China and I just finished this one in Fibre Co's Acadia. This yarn is thinner, so I doubled it. Ribbing on a #8. Body on a #10. You can make one of these in a day. The lace makes it look like you are a knitting genius, but it is a really easy pattern.

I LOVE the way the Acadia added great texture with it's soft little slubs showing up here and there. 

I was knitting with my good friend, the very famous knitwear designer, Lisa Hoffman (her design is on the cover of the newest Interweave Magazine!). Anyway, she believes in steaming/blocking more than I do. Lace always looks better when it has been blocked a bit. So with her encouragement, I decided to give it a bit of steam. The lace pattern opened up like a flower in bloom. It just needed a touch.

One of our customers is on her third hat, using a different yarn each time. She feels they are going to make great holiday gifts and since they are so quick to knit up, she picks them up in between her bigger projects. You only need one skein of any of the yarns i mentioned, except for the Acadia, which takes two. So buy one skein of lobster pot, road to china, columbia or 2 skeins of Acadia and start your holiday knitting early OR make one for yourself. I happen to think it makes a great hostess gift as well..


"Knit Watch" - Our "Why I Love Knitting Lace" Contest Winners

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We were so excited to announce our contest winners today on our newsletter. The contestants had to tell us in 250 words or less why they loved to knit lace. Since lace is not one of my favorite types of knitting, I found it extremely interesting and quite inspiring to read their stories. Congratulations to you all. 


#1) Over 50 years ago my grandmother taught me how to knit and crochet.  Born in Ireland, she created magnificent tablecloths, bedspreads, even afghans using time honored techniques of Irish crochet and lace knitting, many of these pieces I still cherish today.  The hours she spent knitting lace without reading patterns, while having tea and talking with family and friends, seemingly unconscious of the continual graceful movements of her fingers and hands, I remember affectionately. 

I was eight when she taught me to knit, a great age then, bright and dexterous enough to learn, not distracted, yet, with boys and being like the popular girls.  

In the past 10 years after successful career and taking care of family, lace knitting has become my favorite past time.  My husband cannot understand why my knitting goes everywhere with me.  If he weren’t the pastor of our church, I would even knit in church.  I have joined a knitting circle at church and hope to encourage others to undertake lace knitting too.

The design of lace knitting, the intricacy of the pattern and the delicacy of the drape make a lace knitted garment my favorite to wear.  Not only does it attract tons of compliments, it is always unique and I am quite proud to know that the tradition of my grandmother, and her grandmother continues. 

Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest.


#2) Dear Cynthia,

I am profoundly drawn to lace knitting for the same reasons that I am fascinated by human beings:  from the same building blocks -- whether knit and purl stitches or genes -- are created an infinite variety of pattern, texture, soul.  

No two lace patterns are precisely alike, and their small differences can make all the difference is the look and feel of my finished object.  A traditional lace pattern like feather and fan evokes the past, calling to mind the youth of my always-decorous grandmother, while a loose, loopy contemporary stitch pattern is more suited to my hipster niece.  

Stitch patterns invoking honeycombs, leaves, and vines are among my personal loves, especially when knitted in the kettle-dyed variegated merinos I love best -- the combination of flowing shapes and subtly changing color creates a sense of mystery and shadow, and brings to mind the sometimes-hidden sides of a person.  Some parts of us are stockinette, some parts are cables; but some parts -- those wonderfully individual, quirky, often private aspects -- can only be revealed in yarn through stitches that increase and decrease like the tides, that leap over and tug under and chase each other across rows.

I never tire of seeing how the directions for a lace pattern I haven't yet tried turn into an image that then becomes part of a greater whole, just as I never tire of looking at the faces of my fellow beings in their wonderful samenesses and unfathomable differences.



#3) Dear Cynthia,

Here is my entry for the Leaf Lace scarf kit:

For me each piece of knitting becomes infused with a memory of my life as I created it. A crocheted blanket made during a road trip to Maine, a flowered silk scarf assembled while watching Bette Davis films,  a hat made during multiple craft gatherings with friends. This last year I learned  to knit lace. One of the lace projects was an alpaca/merino shawl I knit while my husband's Aunt Pat passed away. I worked on it during the visits to the nursing home and eventually the long drive to and from the funeral.  I call it Anut Pat's shawl and think of her fondly each time I see it.

This summer my husband & I are traveling to Italy to celebrate my 50th birthday. Knitting this colorful scarf as I travel would be a wonderful way for me to bring home memories of driving through Tuscany, kayaking off the coast of Elba and visiting the the great works of art in Rome.

Thanks for your consideration. My name on Ravelry is monbert if you would like to see some of my lace and other knitting.



"Knit Watch" - Love this hat...

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Make this adorable "Twisted Cables" hat with only "one" skein of Lobster Pot Hand-Dyed Cashmere. Our Valentine's sale offers the yarn at a 15% savings and the pattern is our gift to you...CLICK on the picture to choose your colors.

"Knit Watch" - 15% off - Give yourself the gift of Cashmere for Valentine's Day

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Our newsletter subscribers have been enjoying our Pre-Valentine's sale and now it is your turn. Enjoy the luxury of our hand- dyed Lobster Pot Lace Weight yarn. It's so soft and blooms with each washing. YES, I said washing. Make a beautiful garment with this yarn. When it needs to be cleaned, just put it in a lingerie bag, cold water, gentle setting and it comes out perfect. Please enjoy 15% off our Lobster Pot Lace Weight from today through midnight of February 14th. 

As an added bonus, choose one of three patterns that were created for this yarn as our gift. Don't forget to use the code - vdaycashmere. Give yourself the gift of cashmere! CLICK on the PICTURES to shop for your favorite colors.

"Knit Watch" - Win a free "Lace Leaf Scarf" Kit...

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"Knit Watch" - Enter for you free "Lace Leaf Scarf" Kit.

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"Knit Watch" - Ten more days and then these all go away...

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Ten more days and then all these beautiful patterns (kits) go away. Each one of these amazing patterns were created exclusively for us for VK Live and are ours for a limited time only. We loved each and everyone and am so glad we have heard from so many of you that brought the kits at our booth and are working away. Some of you have already gotten in touch to try another creation. Thank you all for expressing your appreciation of the work of these great designers. 

"Knit Watch" - A must have for anyone that uses a computer

0 comments — posted 2012 Feb by Knitting Central Blog


If you use your computer a fair amount, this protective keyboard cover is a must. I LOVE it! By the end of the day, my keyboard has crumbs from various meals, a bit of dust and who knows what else on it. I continually try to keep it clean, but we all know when we are at the computer, we are often multi-tasking.  I always have a drink by my side while working, water, cappuccino, etc and always so careful to make sure there is never a spill...

This beautiful cover is made out of "durable", non-toxic silicone and is molded to fit perfectly over your keyboard. It totally keeps your keyboard safe from dust, spills and all the other gross things that tend to touch our keyboard over the course of a day. There are many different designs to choose from. This was the coolest gift ever....  if you want to choose one that fits your artistic personality, the back of  the box reads,

Orange is my favorite color. I love my orange and pink cover. Now, I open my computer and it's like having an Artyran's dip dyed treat on your keyboard...

"Knit Watch" - Everyone seems to enjoy our "Bow Tie" blanket

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Our "Bow Tie" blanket has become a favorite of everyone's - no matter what the age. The perfect winter project. Make it for the favorite girl in your life. It's really fun to knit up. 

"Knit Watch" - Loving your submissions to win a "Lace Leaf Scarf" kit

0 comments — posted 2012 Jan by Knitting Central Blog


Don't forget- you only have a few more weeks to submit your "Why I Love Knitting Lace" contest entry that was advertised in the latest Vogue Magazine. Three lucky winners will win our "Lace Leaf Scarf" kit made from the luxurious Filatura Di Crosa's Superior and Nirvana yarn. 

"Knit Watch" - Why we must swatch with the needle we are going to use.

2 comments — posted 2012 Jan by Knitting Central Blog


Now that the holidays and VK Live are over, i decided it was time to start my "year long knitting tribute" to my mother-in-law, dear friend and knitting buddy, Mary. There are four families that are extremely close. All the children are like cousins to each other and the oldest one is the first  to have a baby.  We all feel like we are going to be grandma's :) i couldn't think of a better project to start with - the celebration of a new life. 

So project #1 is a Be Sweet Bamboo baby hat. I knit the first one (on the right) using wood, double pointed needles. My knitting is quite even (if i do say so myself) and you can never tell where my fabric moves from one needle to the next. Maybe, because of the Bamboo, it did show and i was unhappy with it. It ends up that after blocking, the fabric was perfectly smooth. I guess I should have blocked it out first... (lesson learned)

Anyway, I decided to knit a second one, using a circular needle. same size, also wood. even the same needle company AND look at the difference in the size of the hats?? Btw, i knitted them at the same time of day, even on the same couch. So all variables were the same. 

We have always told our customers that you must swatch in the needle you are going to use. This is a clear example of why that is so. The movements you use with dp's is so different than circs whether you realize it or not. The same goes with one metal to the next or wood vs metal. Your gauge will really vary. 

I had no intention of this knitting journey to be an educational one, but it looks like I am going to be sharing of lot of "look what happened" or what i discovered along the way. 

"Knit Watch" - Tweedledeena got Roxy out in the snow...

1 comments — posted 2012 Jan by Knitting Central Blog


Roxy out playing in the snow! This never happens. She usually hates snow and rain, but today she had a great time. Thanks to Shiri Mor's, "Tweedledeena " dog sweater that she designed for us for VK Live. The pattern stitch makes it so warm, but comfy to run around in. You can knit one up for your favorite 4-legged loved one in a snap. Plenty of colors to choose from.

Check out Roxy having a ball running around like she's an old pro navigating the snow. This could be a whole new view on winter for her...

"Knit Watch" - A new design

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I just finished a new diagonal scarf pattern, but...i made a button loop at one tip and added a beautiful Moving Mud button on the other tip. There are so many possibilities of how to wear this.

I used one skein of Tanglewood Fiber Creations, 100% Cashmere. It was 170 yds and I doubled it.

I can't stop finding different ways to wear this. I am having so much fun...

"Knit Watch" - Who wouldn't love to be able to wear these??

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Not sure how many visits to the gym I would need to get into these. What about you??

"Knit Watch" - Our VK Live "Exclusive" design collection is now on line.

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As promised, these fantastic designs will be available to you thru February 15th on our site. You may choose them in kit form and purchase the yarn that they were designed with OR purchase the pattern only. Please feel free to call us to discuss other yarn options. Our customers enjoyed choosing several yarns for a number of the patterns. Enjoy! This link will take you to our VK LIVE Collection