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SUMMER SALE- Minnow Merino and Cotton Tail- so soft and "washable

0 comments — posted 2012 Aug by Cynthia Crescenzo

 Don't miss out on our Summer Sale of the softest sister act ever! Both Minnow Merino, 100% soft merino wool AND Cotton Tail, 100% soft cotton are both "washable", have great colors and knit up at a versatile gauge of 4 1/2 sts=1". Limited Supply.

Take a look at some of the great patterns for this yarn

Butterfly Cardigan kit

Fido Kid & Dog Sweater

Pinafore Dress

Stroller Blanket, Sweater & Hat

Hankie-Pankie Blanket

"Knit Watch"- On a spectacular day, I love to....

0 comments — posted 2012 Jun by Chloe Sloat


For me, today is the kind of day I want to stay outside until bedtime. What a treat- watching the sail boats, stand up paddle boarders and a new family of ducks down at the beach. 

And of course... knitting.

"Knit Watch" - The perfect summer accessory

0 comments — posted 2012 Jun by Chloe Sloat


The perfect summer accessory- our "Luxe Head Wrap". Offered in three different fibers. Will you wear it with a summer dress, on the beach or start your holiday knitting and make one out of a warmer fiber?

"Knit Watch" - A visit to Artyarn's...

0 comments — posted 2012 Jun by Chloe Sloat


What a great day! Lisa H (the magnificent designer) and I went to visit Iris Schrier at the new Artyarn's diggs. It is so beautiful and full of light. To see the yarn in the process of being made in one room and then move into the next room and see the final product- spectacular and perfectly twisted into luxurious skeins was truly a treat.  Inspiration does not get better than this...

"Knit Watch" - What we all choose to do on a rainy day...

0 comments — posted 2012 Jun by Chloe Sloat


On a rainy day like today, do you prefer to:
A) Swatch (my choice for today)
B) Stay in bed, watch movies and knit a simple project
C) Start a new project you have been wanting to start for a while

"Knit Watch" - Great knitting time...

0 comments — posted 2012 Jun by Knitting Central Blog


Got a nice head start on the front piece yesterday when I finally decided to walk away from the computer and phone. I forgot how great it is to knit and enjoy the outdoors at the same time. Remember knit in public week is next week. I expect to you all outside..

"Knit Watch" - Going dark....

0 comments — posted 2012 Jun by Knitting Central Blog


To my knitters-- do you ever feel like you have to just shut down the computer and get back to your needles??? Today, I am feeling that in a big way! So.. "going dark" (meaning turing off the computer) until later this evening. 

I am starting on the front of my newest design, worked in Artyarns, Silk Pearl that I have shared with you. Will let you know how much I get done. 

Let me have some FB encouragement and "Like" us on Facebook if you haven't already. 

"Knit Watch" - New view of the "Gigantic Cable" Scarf

0 comments — posted 2012 Jun by Knitting Central Blog


LOVE the new pics and new color of Jill Draper's, "Gigantic Cable" scarf. So many of you made this scarf this year. Now, shown in the hottest color for the fall. Who will you make this for this season??

"Knit Watch" - 5 reasons why we love Minnow Merino and Cotton Tail

1 comments — posted 2012 Jun by Knitting Central Blog


Minnow Merino

4.5 sts = 1" 

77 yds

100% extrafine superwash merino

1. extremely soft, but has great drape

2. great stitch definition

3. washable

4. fantastic pattern support

5. well priced

Cotton Tail

4.5 sts = 1"

90 yds

100% cotton

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"Knit Watch" - "Knit Local" by Tanis Gray- get read

1 comments — posted 2012 Jun by Knitting Central Blog


Tanis Gray has a great pulse on our industry and i knew that "Knit Local" was going to be a book i enjoyed, so i was not disappointed when i started to read the book. I mean that literally. Knit Local is the kind of book you want to cuddle up and read like a novel. 

One thing we always found in our shop is that knitters really enjoy getting to know designers, teachers, book authors, etc. "Knit Local" gives an insight into the life and the passion that all the yarn companies mentioned experience. Not all the yarns in each company in the book come from America, but knowing many vendors personally, I understand how hard it is to source strictly from our country and I commend the ones that go so far out of their way to do so. I hope you enjoyed this book as much as I did.

"Knit Watch" - A caterpillar that turns into the butterfly..

0 comments — posted 2012 May by Knitting Central Blog


First, you take a big wad of hand dyed roving... At this point, I will describe it as a diamond in the rough or maybe a caterpillar..

Next, an incredibly talented person, like Trish of Tanglewood Fiber Creation who just hand dyed that big "wad" meticulously spins it..

And from that funny looking, fuzzy, giant piece, comes an elegant, perfectly consistent work of art. Each skein is like a little miracle every time I see it. Just like a butterfly that starts out like an ugly caterpillar. 

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"Knit Watch" - For those who need more of a knitted slipper than a stiletto

1 comments — posted 2012 May by Knitting Central Blog


Ok ladies...i always want to make you all happy. For those that can't handle the heels, do you like these knitted pattern shoe better? 

(thank you erica for sharing these with us)

"Knit Watch" - Gorgeous Crochet shoes anyone?

0 comments — posted 2012 May by Knitting Central Blog


LOVE these crochet shoes from Manolo Blahnik. To see something from our craft as the main focus of his shoes is very special. I regard MB as one of the top designers in history. He takes great care in the architecture of every shoe to make sure they are not only beautiful but are also incredibly comfortable. "Like" us on Facebook if you are a fan of Manolo Blahnik as well.

"Knit Watch"- Knitting tip of the day...

0 comments — posted 2012 May by Knitting Central Blog


Knitting Tip of the day- I love to use the hairpins, (the ones for pinning a bun) to get an accurate stitch gauge when measuring stitches on a light weight yarn. my eyes seem to be playing tricks on me lately, if you know what i mean, and this really does the trick. also, REMINDER- tonight is the end of our Memorial Day sale- it's all over at midnight..

"Knit Watch" - Lasagna and knitting

1 comments — posted 2012 May by Knitting Central Blog


My brother-in-law Robert came over today and together, we cooked a lasagna, sauce and bones. What could be better than that?? Oh yes, knitting after a great meal...

I am so enjoying designing for you. Tonight, I am working with Artyarns Silk Pearl and Beaded Mohair & Sequins and enjoying it as much as my lasagna  :)

"Knit Watch"- So many things to make with CE's, Minnow Merino

0 comments — posted 2012 May by Knitting Central Blog


We have so many great Jill Eaton patterns that work with Classic Elite's Minnow Merino and their Cotton Tail. Both are washable and so soft. For adults, blankets or children, this yarn has always been a basic in our store that keeps on working for you. Red, white and blue colors of both yarns are part of our Memorial Day Sale- only a couple of days left - 20% off.

Check out some of the patterns that would look great on your needles. Get your Summer knitting in order and don't wait to start your Holiday knitting.

"Knit Wach" - Memorial Day Sale yarn on its way to you...

0 comments — posted 2012 May by Knitting Central Blog


Chloe is packing up beautiful Lobster Pot Laceweight Cashmere in red and white to be shipped out today. Some lucky person just saved 20% on this hand-dyed lusciously soft (washable) cashmere. 

Please send us pictures of what you made. We love to see the beautiful end results when you use our yarn..

New Videos

0 comments — posted 2012 May by Knitting Central Blog

Have you seen our learn to knit videos? If not, check them out. And, if you are new to crochet, we posted new crochet videos as well! Below is the single crochet video. Check out or tutorials by visiting our front page and clicking the tutorials picture in the bottom right corner. Let us know if there's anything you want to learn. We will keep making the videos if you keep asking!

"Knit Watch"- A great interpretation of by Heather Dixon

0 comments — posted 2012 May by Knitting Central Blog


This is what I love about knitters chatting. Heather Dixon saw the RL dress bellowed and shared this with us. It is one of her designs and I think a great example of how a piece could include both the curvy and angular chevron patterns. 

I would love to see this in @Artyarns Silk Pearl and one of her beaded yarns or @Tahkistacycharles, Crystal and Stella. Both would be fantastic. I love Heather's designs. They are written extremely well. I met her once at Rhineback Sheep & Wool Festival. She could not have been nicer. We took a picture together and posted it on our blog.

"Knit Watch" - Let's learn from Ralph..

1 comments — posted 2012 May by Knitting Central Blog


When you see a picture like this in the paper, don't just keep going because you are not 6' tall and incredibly thin. Take a moment. Look at the knit stitch. Note how flattering it can be for any figure. This is just a simple chevron (feather and fan), but the movement is angular instead of curvy. This is a great look for any type of garment. A very wise woman, Ann R. once told me, one should be able to take something positive from every design if you just take the time to observe...

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